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Anker, Suzanne

Arthur Elsenaar & Remko Scha - Arthur Elsenaa is an artist and an electrical engineer and Remko Scha artist and a computational linguist. Concepts for Contemporary Life. Face Shift video.

Auger & Loizeau - James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have been collaborating on projects since the concept of the Audio Tooth Implant was first conceived in October 2000. Artists' personal site

Beloff, Laura
Artist's personal site.

Bioteknica - Shawn Bailey and Jennifer Willet

Bowen, David
Artist's personal site.

Brandon Ballengee
Artist's personal site.

Catts, Oron - He is director of Symbiotica lab in university of Western Australia.

Chartier, Jaq

Cole, Hunter
Artist's website -

Conant, Chrissy artist's personal website. The site for the World's Interactive Art Library also includes Conant, Chrissy's work: Saatchi Online - Show your art to the world

Cooper, Justine - media artist using mri imaging and other visual materials
Artist's personal site.

Corpa, Carlos - Artist's personal site

1994- biotech critique - Steve Barnes, Dorian Burr, Steve Kurtz, Hope Kurtz and Beverly Schlee

Da Costa, Beatriz - bioartist working with microbes
Artist's personal site.

Davis, Joe - very influential artist in the field and the first genetic bioartist
Relevant link from Wikipedia.

De Menezes, Marta -Artist's personal site.
Bioartist working in a large range of bioart materials from butterflies to DNA.

Demers, Louis-Philippe - Artist's Biography.
Driessens & Verstappen - Dutch artists are known for their generative works in fields ranging from organic sculpture to virtual architecture and installation art. Profile and works.

Duff, Tagny - Tagny Duff's personal site . Current blog. Tagny Duff has been a practicing artist for 15 years. She is currently assistant professor of Intermedia, Communication Studies Department at Concordia University. Faculty Page.

Dumitriu, Anna - artist who uses bacteria as a medium for her work. (Web resources - &

Erickson, Christa
Human Nature a web site of art that investigates new life sciences.

Freeman, Julia - She is currently artist-in-residence at the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Centre at Cranfield University. Artist's personal site.

Fleming, Alexander

Gessert, George - one of the most influential bioArtists working with hybridized flowers. Good bibliography on bioart.

Goldberg, Ken - Associate Professor who specializes in robotics at the University of California at Berkley. In his spare time he's a well-respected artist, with installations in museums across the United States. Official site.

Gordon, Isa - The Psymbiote Project a cyborg perfomance in collaboration with Eric Gradman, Jesse Jarrell and Devan Brown.

Gracie, Andy - He creates digital artworks that invite technological sytems to dialog with natural living systems or phenomena. One of his interviews His hostprod

Granjon, Paul - He is interested in the co-evolution of Humans and Machines. Artist's official site.

Hirst, Damien one of the most successful of the YBA (Young British Artists) and the richest living artist. His works often involve the use of biological materials whether complete organisms or in pieces.
Artist's personal site. Wikipedia link.
Article which discusses the butterfly wings works.

Herczka, Mateusz - His projects evolve into labs or proposals around parameters from science, human mindspace, and the "real life", recombining and reshaping these into art concepts. Artist's personal site.

Jeremijenko, Natalie Natalie Jereminko - UCSD bit engineer

Kaayk Floris - Kaayk specialised in blending computer generated images with live-action video to present his ideas. Artist's personal site.

Kac, Eduardo one of the most influential BioArtists. performance, electronic art, bio-art
Artist's personal web site.

Kaminiarz, Verena - Artist's biography.

Kera, Denisa
Associate Professor at National University of Singapore link

Krueger, Richard - Relevant link.

Kunkel, Oliver - Artist who caused a stir in Slovenia 2003 with a piece involving mosquitos infected with HIV.  Artist's website

Littrell, Romie
DIYBio of Los Angeles - link

Manglano-Ovalle Artist's personal site. Ascetic Aesthetic and the Deconstruction of Science.

Marcel li Antunez Roca - Artist's personal site and blog.

Mauro, Annunziato & Piero Pierucci (Italy) Artists' personal site.

Moura, Leonel - Artist's personal site which includes his most important work Robotarium.

Orlan body sculpture - self body modification and artist's personal site

Pola, Gaetano Adi (Argentina) Artist's personal site. Video of artist's work Alexithymia 2005

Potter, Steve - Neuroscience technologies for studying learning and memory in vitro. Relevant link with his work and background.

Raaf, Sabrina - Artist's personal site. Interactive sculpture, robotic art, photograpy, bio-art.

Reodica, Julia - Her artwork provides the viewing audience of all intellectual levels to access the applied language, issues and tools in a public forum, via physical or virtual presentation, allowing for critical thinking or exchange of opinions. As an artist, researcher and medical professional, I position myself in the middle of philosophical and technical conventions, to facilitate mediation and understanding of how scientific development affect diverse cultural values in modern society. Artist's personal site.

Resnor, Ben - Interspecies art and digital communication. Artist's personal site.

Rinaldo, Ken - Artist's personal site. Interactive sculpture, robotic art, bio-art, installation
Robb, Susan - sculpture, installation art, bioart. Artist's personal site. Link to her work. Link to project Human Nature.

Rogers, Kathleen - Her work is primarily concerned with the relationship between art, science and technology. Artist's personal site.

Ross Philip - An artist who creates through the design and construction of controlled environmental spaces. Artist's personal site.

Schopf, Eric - Bacteria paintings

Steichen, Edward

Stelarc - Artist's personal site. Performance, bio-art, robotic art

Sutton, Eva - Mutations. Relevant links:

Van Gent, Elona - Link to project Human Nature.

Vanouse, Paul - Artist's personal site

Vermeulen, Angelo - Artist working with plants, computer networks, games, collaboration, and installation art. The Biomodd project website has current details and opportunities to get involved.

Verspaget, Cynthia - Artist working with DNA

Visosevic Tanya & Guy Ben-Ary - Founders of BioKino group. In addition they have researched and developed projects at Symbiotica.

Vita-More, Natasha Artist's personal site. Founder and director of the Transhumanist Arts and Culture World Center, president of the Extropy Institute.

Von Hagens, Gunther - The founder of the Body Worlds exhibits of the human body

Vorn, Bill - Robotic Art, Artist's personal site.

Willet, Jennifer - Artist's personal site.

Youngs, Amy
Artist's personal site about her interactive sculpture, bio-art, installation. Interactive bioart sculpture "Engineered for Empathy"

Zaretsky, Adam - Bioart involving micro injection, telpresence, bacteria, etc. Electronic mutagenesis.

Zurr, Ionat

Place to Find Names

Evolution Haute Couture show -

MEART - About the Project
Design: Flower Vase Made of Human Fingerprints
The bumps and ridges on this vase are created from a real human fingerprint Made with rapid-prototyping tech that reads
BioArt and the Public Sphere
A Journal of the Monthly Renewal Process -- Day
Biomedia - Google Book Search
The Self-Aware Universe: Steve Kurtz, Bioart and Strange Culture
Yale student abortion art controversy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
National Galleries of Scotland - Collection - Artists A-Z
National Galleries of Scotland is comprised of the National Gallery of Scotland, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the Dean Gallery and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
Science, Culture and Integral Yoga :: The BioArt of Eduardo Kac (cont)
Science, Culture and Integral Yoga :: The BioArt of Eduardo Kac

  • Graduate Seminar in Biological Art, The Ohio State University, Department of Art

  • Leonardo On-Line: Special Projects

  • What is Bioart?, History
  • History at Lancaster University
  • BioArt: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences: March 2008

  • BioTechnique Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

  • BIOTECHNIQUE Yerba Buena Center for the Arts October 25, 2007 – January 6, 2008

  • works from various artists.

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    An article from the Tuesday, May 9, 2000 issue of The Tech - MIT's oldest and largest newspaper and the first newspaper published on the Internet.
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