Interesting Links

This post will have a growing number of links to sites of interest and news stories related to bioart or the mechanisms in nature that would be interesting to the field of bioart.



Next Nature - A blog that examines the future of nature from the perspective of Industrial Design


Organism: Making Art With Living Systems -
This is a good site with many examples of bioart, artists, events, etc.

We Make Money Not Art - Blog's BioArt related posts:


Taxidermy: Ravishing Beasts -
This site is an amazing collection of taxidermy related artwork. There are a lot of very interesting and whimsical examples.


Botanicalls -
The plants make telephone calls to request more water!
FO.AM Artists website:

Plant neurobiology, very good reference for us to know what signals to measure and why.

Plant Media website

Ken Rinaldo's site of "Robotic Sculpture, interactive art inspired by natural systems"

Symbiotic relationship of Algae for food and Jellyfish for mobility -

Here is something on the fringes of science. Maybe it is more science fiction. Much less reference worthy than above, but maybe as a comparison:
Cleve Backster and his writings on using polygraph and SCR on plants to measure emotions of plants...

Plant sensors using wireless sensor networks to save money on watering crops!

Explanations of plant movements: Redwood sorrel
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