Organizations and Shows


Centre of excellence in biological arts

Ars Electronica Museum, Linz, Austria -

The Arts and Genomics Center, University of Leiden, The Netherlands -

BIOART INITIATIVE AT RENSSELAER -The BioArt Initiative is a collaborative research project between Rensselaer’s Arts Department and the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS).
iGEM - Registry of Standard Biological Parts (related to the iGEM project)
BioBricks programming life just like programming a computer!

Fo.AM - an arts group focused on to moving from wasteful consumption and mindless dependence to responsible participation in all aspects of our lives. Often associated with bioart related activities, artists, etc.


Pinchuk Gallery in Kiev Ukraine with the largest ever collection of Hirst works. A retrospective.

SIGGRAPH 2009 - BioLogic -

Trondheim, Norway, October 2008, Hybrids show

Human Nature

Life, Death, and Biotechnica

BioArt at Harvard's Department of Cell Biology - (ongoing)

Trans-Evolution: Examining Bio Art

Paradise Now exhibition

Genomic Issues exhibition

festival of exhibitions

Living with the Genie conference

Critical Crossings gene artists
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