Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bacteria hailstone conspiracy!

picture of hailstones presumably created by bacteria taken from the BBC article noted below

This news article on the BBC website mentions recent research findings that suggest bacteria can be the cause for precipitation!  That extends the reach of bacteria into a realm that few would have guessed was possible.  Go bio!  Hmmm..... as a designer challenge, it would be interesting to design a genetically modified bacteria that causes for special hailstone shapes. 

My votes:
1) hailstones that create a whistling sound as they fall
2) hailstones in the shape of an airfoil--with a snowball tip  (hopefully a safer design than jarts!)
3) hailstones with a special crystal pattern that reflects various colors of light.

Any ideas?  Send me an email at

Original news article:
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