Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Genes, Pets, and Blue Roses

Genetically Modified blue roses produced by the FloriGene company. This picture was snagged from their website

Man has been domesticating animals, plants, bugs--you name it. Now, with the increasing ability to manipulate the code of life through genetic engineering, there are plenty of examples of pets that are the result of bioengineering to make special colored flowers, cats that are allergen-free, fluorescent fish, even clone pets (currently this option is on hold for one US company) or store the DNA for future use.

Maybe someday, we'll have examples like this to buy in the store: GenPet which is proclaimed as some sort of semi-living flesh based organism, but is just a sketch by artist Adam Brandejs for now.

Florigene --
Genetically modified flowers - they created the blue rose...

Felix Cats --
Allergy-free cats

Allerca --
Hypoallergenic cats

GloFish --
Glowing fish

BioArts --
BioArts - used to offer pet cloning, but has ceased this product offering

RNL Bio --
Cloning pets as a service offering in South Korea

Fluffy 2.0 --
Fluffy 2.0 - DNA bank for pets

GenPets --
Semi-living pets coming soon? ;)
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