Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art made from human teeth

 Picture of some of Polly van der Glas's teeth jewelry (image taken from artist's website)

Teeth is the topic for this post.  No, not the dark horror comedy film by Mitchell Lichtenstein, but rather actual teeth used as a material object in works of art.  Let's take a look at a few interesting examples.  As always, if you find any interesting related information, let me know and I will be happy to edit the post or include it in some way.

First, take a look at this blog post.  It covers 3 artists who use teeth as their medium of choice and there are excellent images of the work.  Then, come back to this blog entry and look at some other cool teeth!

Polly van der Glas, Australian jewelry artist makes rings, pendants, and various other fine pieces.

Recycled milk teeth charms by artist Kim Kovel.  Have your baby's teeth covered in gold or silver.  Why not?  These pieces are truly beautiful!

Great Wall of Teeth!!! Take a look at this sculpture from a Chinese dentist, who takes the extracted teeth from his patients to build a work of art that hopefully encourages the rest of us to brush the pearly whites.

Tie pin made from a human tooth.  (picture taken from the Loved to Death website)

Now some examples from artists who position their work as dark, macabre, or gothic.

Loved to Death - tooth jewelry, Mori, mementos, etc.
Hilda Marshall, AKA Columbine from Sunspot Designs makes jewelry from bones and teeth.  I purchased a pendant from the artist and used it in clinical interviews recently with people hoping to understand the perceptions and reactions to bodily materials in gifts.  More details will be posted later pending acceptance of the publication.  Watch the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! video describing the work:

Dreadful Things by Raven - tooth jewelry that's worth a look.

Although there aren't teeth as a material, we can't leave out grills...  Take a look at some fine jewelry for the choppers by DJ Paul Wall.

(picture taken from the Grills by Paul Wall website)

Don't forget to brush your teeth!
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