Monday, May 24, 2010

Nano Supermarket - Call for Products

If you haven't taken a look at the Next Nature blog, now is the time to go~  They have a call for products with proposals due by May 31st for the upcoming Nano Supermarket which will showcase forward looking ideas about the nanotech products we might have in our future.  The prize for the best submission wins €2500, inclusion in the Nano Supermarket which will showcase select designs, and inclusion in the publication.

This image was snagged from the site and is from the work of Koert Van Mensvoort 

They have an interesting list of items that might be typically found in the Nano Supermarket including spider silk condoms, blood bots, chameleon clothing, twitter implants, edible software, food printer, etc. I'm looking forward to the ideas that come out of this project and if their predictions are right, in 2020 PharmaSushi starts hitting the shelves and we can all get healthy with some fatty tuna rolls!

What kind of technology can enable the designs of the Nano Supermarket?

In case you are living under a log, the J. Craig Venter Institute has announced their creation of artificial life!  This goes a long way towards opening up the possibilities for  living materials to do amazing things such as algae producing petroleum, or even medicine that can adjust to the mutation cycle of viruses!  As a scientist friend of mine Mika said, "the revolution has begun!"
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